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New Sex Toys to Try


Technology has certainly made some exciting strides in the area of sex toys. The toys are not just for the women but there are so many options out there for the men too and they have gone a long way. Know that frequent ejaculation is known or believed to be a component of good penile health and masturbation is a way for a man to know his own body. Also, this is one of the more fun activities that men can do in the world. Being able to learn about the amazing options can help one expand his masturbatory horizons and his woman too.


There is a sex toy from this homepage which is designed to stimulate such feeling of oral sex. This has a sleeve wherein the manhood is being inserted and the two rows of rollers which move up and down the manhood through the motor power. There is nothing to worry since the sleeve is also easy to wash. It is required that men would use a water-based lube with such sex toy. This is a hands-free and solo-based stimulate blow job but is not too steep for most men.


Another thrilling sex toy to try is a wearable device for the manhood which serves a lot of functions. This would vibrate and gives a pleasurable experience whether with a partner or on your own. The device would also record the data which includes the thrusting G-force and also the speed and the sex positions. This would then send an information to an app which men may use to analyze their performance. The partners may join in the process too. Together with vibrating and giving the performance information, the app would make suggestions for new positions that one can try. This would also count the amount of calories that a man burns on his romp.If you want to learn more about sex toys, you can visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Female_sex_toys.


Another sex toy is one that allows the couples to become frisky in public and this would add a whole new level to foreplay. A man would use an iPhone or Android app in order to control the vibrator from up to 30 feet away and the toy may be worn by a woman regardless of where one goes. This comes with a thong which has a pocket for the vibrator. Such would open up some options for couples with such naughty streak. The man may also surprise the woman with a pulse here or there while out of town, click here to get started!